Premiering Asian Cinema from across the globe

About Singafest

Singafest Asian Film Festival 2011 will be presented from Sept. 29th – Oct. 2nd at Bigfoot’s Majestic Crest, a beautiful Art Deco-inspired movie palace in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The focus will be new Asian and Asian-American films from a number of countries — the U.S., China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and more — and will include features, shorts, documentaries, 3D cinema and animation, plus in-person guests and seminar panels with visiting filmmakers and Hollywood industry professionals. The goal is to introduce films and emerging filmmakers to an L.A. audience that wouldn’t normally have a chance to experience them.

The festival aims to promote different Asian cultures, each with their own unique worldview and different methods of storytelling. Singafest will be a cinematic melting pot, merging Eastern and Western cultures to showcase the best of both worlds to the Asian community and beyond. It will be a celebration of Asian culture as a whole, presenting the best films from across Asia to engage audiences to new ideas and perspectives.

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