Premiering Asian Cinema from across the globe

New Faces, New Frontiers: Singafest Short Film Program

Join us for this fascinating showcase of emerging filmmakers and alternative visions from Asia, the U.S. and beyond. Presented by FilAmCreative and CAPE.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is a single ticket admission for both parts of the Shorts Program.  There will be a short break between the programs.

Part I:

  • Gerry Curtis’s Savasana (17 min., USA), an elegant, mysterious horror story about a beautiful Asian woman who wanders seemingly at random through San Francisco at night – until her true purpose becomes terrifyingly clear.
  • Kan Lume & Megan Wonowidjoyo’s Libertas (3 min., Singapore), a sublime pencil-drawn animation about a young artist who goes on a spiritual quest seeking peace after her brother’s death.
  • Uruphong Raksasad’s Dad’s Picture (8 min., Thailand), a simple, transcendent story of the connection between father and daughter as they spread seeds for a rare tree, hoping one will take root.
  • Martin Engracia’s Kumpisal Ng Birhen (Confessions Of A Virgin)(12 min., Philippines), with echoes of J-Horror classics like “The Ring” in this eerie tale of a woman who goes to work at a Catholic high school, and starts to see the spirit of a dead teenage girl.
  • Keith Johnson’sThe Four Immeasurables,”(7 min., Australia), a poetic, visually ravishing short about a Chinese calligrapher meditating on the four immeasurable virtues:  Harmony, Respect, Purity & Tranquility.
  • Mark Villegas’ Lyrical Empire: Hip Hop in Metro Manila (23 min., USA/Philippines), a fascinating look at the fiercely independent music subculture of hip hop artists in modern Manila.

Part II:

  • Un-ok Min’s Interview With The Vampire (30 min., Korea). A young female producer at a TV company receives a strange assignment:  to research a documentary on modern-day vampires.  The deeper she goes, the more she starts to realize the monster may be much closer than she thinks.
  •  Phuttipong Aroonpheang’s A Tale Of Heaven” (6 min., Thailand), an ominous, abstract experimental film about the sea, the forest and death.
  • Walter Boholst’s D-volution (6 min., USA).  When a man races against time to save his wife who’s infected with a mutating virus he’s forced to make a terrible decision.
  • Peter Jin’s Portrait Of Leonore (19 min., USA).  Korean-American filmmaker & artist Jin’s surprising “autobiographical fiction” looks at his own tangled family history through his interactions with the older sister he never had named “Leonore”.
  • Anuradha Rana’s “Ring Laila,” (25 min., USA), a compelling documentary portrait of female boxers in India breaking gender barriers, with the added twist that two of the fighters are from the Muslim minority.
  • Spunk (4 min., USA)  Local L.A. Filipino-American filmmaker Patrick Epino confronts issues of Asian-American identity in this surprising and intimate short.

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