Premiering Asian Cinema from across the globe

Eli Roth selects: Getting Any? (Minna-Yatteruka!)

For the first year of Singafest, we invited supernatural horror maestro Eli Roth to pick his favorite overlooked Asian genre film.  Was his choice some splatterific Korean horror film or lost Shaw Bros. ghost story?  No, it’s one of famed director & actor “Beat” Takeshi Kitano’s most obscure gems, the riotous – and wildly un-P.C. – sex-comedy GETTING ANY? (1994, Tamasa Distribution, 108 min., Japan. Dir. Takeshi Kitano. )

“It’s such a random movie, I don’t know if a print exists anywhere, but it’s so fun and a rarely seen side of him,” said Roth. Loosely inspired by Kitano’s hugely successful 1980’s Japanese TV sketch show, GETTING ANY? is a savagely funny look at how advertising creates fantasies of sexual desire that can never be fulfilled.  For this screening we located the only existing subtitled print of the film – in France! – which we’re bringing in just for Singafest.

(In Japanese with English subtitles.)

Come see this rare feature, hand-picked by Eli Roth on Sunday, October 2nd, at 4:45 PM.
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