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The Girl with No Number: Special Sneak Preview + Benefit Screening

Special Sneak Preview: Sunday, October 2nd at 7:15 PM.

LA Weekly and KPRK 90.7FM present a special screening of THE GIRL WITH NO NUMBER (2011, Bigfoot Entertainment, 100 Min., Vietnam/U.S.). Proceeds will go to The Asian Professional Exchange (APEX) and The Center for the Asian Pacific Family (CPAF).

The controversial topic of sex slavery is tackled head-on in this emotional drama starring Bebe Pham as Phuong Ly, an impoverished Vietnamese woman who falls in love with a charming, sympathetic man who wants to marry her – until their seemingly-perfect romance is sabotaged by her boyfriend’s mother.  Heartbroken and fragile, she travels to Ho Chi Minh City to work as a cleaner at a marriage agency.  There she meets Mitch (Jay Laisne), a visiting American seeking a Vietnamese wife.  He takes a strong interest in her, and coerces her to marry him with the promise that he’ll support her family in Vietnam and she’ll live a much better life in the U.S..  As soon as she arrives in America, Phuong Ly realizes that she’s been brought there as a sex slave. Violated and abused, with no hope of escape, she finds one slim ray of light in the bond she develops with her American abuser’s young, autistic niece — both of them prisoners needing to escape.

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