Premiering Asian Cinema from across the globe

Monga: L.A. Premiere

Screening on Sunday, October 2nd at 4:30 PM.

The USC U.S.-China Initiative is proud to present the L.A. Premiere of Monga; purchase tickets here.

2010, Distribution Workshop, 140 min., Taiwan/China.  A cross between Scorsese’s GOODFELLAS and Kinji Fukasaku’s BATTLES WITHOUT HONOR & HUMANITY, director Doze Niu’s sprawling, action-packed gangster saga is set in the 1980’s in the vibrant, crime-ridden Taiwan district called Monga.  Mosquito (Mark Chao) is a soft-spoken high school student who’s grown up fatherless and friendless – until he attracts the attention of the violent Temple Front gang, led by gregarious pretty-boy Dragon (Rhydian Vaughan) and his fierce lieutenant, Monk (Ethan Ruan).  Accepted into the gang, Mosquito adapts willingly to a life of crime – and for the first time, feels like he’s part of a family.  Only slowly does the much darker, more compromised adult world start to draw him and his friends in, as the traditional Monga gangs find themselves under attack from mainland Chinese rivals.  (In Min Nan with English subtitles.)

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