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Films of Fury: The Kung-Fu Movie Movie – L.A. Premiere + Filmmakers’ Discussion

Screening Sunday, October 2nd at 2:30 PM, presented by Meniscus Magazine and California Academy of Martial Arts:

2011, Lux Digital Pictures, 80 min., USA.  Dir. Andrew Corvey & Andrew Robinson.  Based on martial arts movie master Ric Meyers’s book, the documentary FILMS OF FURY is a kung fu fan’s fever dream come true, chock-full of hundreds of clips of bone-crushing, skull-slamming action featuring Bruce Lee, Gordon Liu, Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Chuck Norris and dozens of others.

Essentially a greatest hits (and then some) of Kung Fu Cinema, this is a wildly entertaining tour through the history of the genre covering almost all the major filmmakers and performers, including Chang Cheh, “The Godfather of Hong Kong cinema” (ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN), the mighty King Hu (A TOUCH OF ZEN), the great Lau Kar-Leung (36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN, MY YOUNG AUNTIE) and much more.  After watching FILMS OF FURY you’ll want to rush home and pull out your DVD copies of THE FIVE VENOMS or 8 DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER to relive them all over again!

Discussion following with directors Andrew Corvey and Andrew Robinson and producer Tom Coleman (schedules permitting).

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